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What are the rules for foreign money transfer to India?

If you or your family members are in India, either residing or visiting as tourists, the Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS) offers a simple and efficient way to send money to India. This scheme is among the most straightforward methods for transferring funds.

The Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS) is an essential financial service that facilitates the transfer of personal remittances from individuals living abroad to their beneficiaries in India. This scheme plays a vital role in ensuring that remittances are sent quickly and safely, helping to support families and contribute to the financial stability of millions of individuals.

MTSS stands as the most convenient option for transferring money from abroad to India, offering a straightforward and rapid service for inward remittances. Tourists traveling to India can particularly benefit from this scheme, as it facilitates quick and easy access to funds during their stay.

Here’s a detailed look at the key aspects of the MTSS, including limits on transactions, payment methods, and specific conditions under the scheme.

Limits on Remittances

What is the maximum limit of MTSS?

Under the MTSS, there is a limitation on both the amount of money that can be sent and the frequency of transactions. Each remittance cannot exceed USD 2,500. This cap is designed to regulate the flow of money and maintain the scheme’s integrity by preventing misuse. Furthermore, a single individual beneficiary can receive no more than thirty remittances per calendar year. These restrictions help in monitoring the transactions and ensuring that the service is used for personal, not commercial, purposes.

Modes of Payment to Beneficiaries

The MTSS offers flexibility in how remittances can be received by beneficiaries in India. For remittances that do not exceed INR 50,000, beneficiaries may opt to receive the amount in cash. This provision is particularly beneficial for those who may need immediate access to funds without the presence of a bank account.

In addition to cash payments, the funds can also be loaded onto a pre-paid card issued by banks, offering another convenient and secure option for managing and utilizing the received funds. For any amount over INR 50,000, the scheme mandates that the payment be made via an account payee cheque, demand draft, payment order, or direct bank account transfer. This ensures that larger transactions are traceable and secure, adding an extra layer of protection for both the sender and the recipient.

Exception for Foreign Tourists

An exceptional provision within the MTSS caters to foreign tourists who may need access to larger amounts of cash. In such scenarios, the limitations on cash disbursements can be relaxed, allowing tourists to receive greater amounts in cash. This exception underscores the scheme’s flexibility and its aim to accommodate the diverse needs of its users while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

The Money Transfer Service Scheme is an integral part of India’s approach to handling personal remittances. By setting clear limits and providing multiple methods for receiving funds, the MTSS ensures that remittances are handled efficiently and securely. Whether it is a family receiving support from a member abroad or a foreign tourist needing cash in India, the MTSS provides a reliable and regulated channel for managing personal remittances. For anyone planning to use the scheme, understanding these rules and conditions is crucial to ensure smooth and hassle-free transactions.

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