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Send MoneyNo matter the reason, there are times that we have to send money instantly to our loved ones.

Many financial and banking organizations are particularly specializing on this type of service through app’s or websites, and you get Locked-in exchange rates.

Some companies will beat any competitor’s exchange rate for a transaction and some offer exclusive exchange rates and $0 transfer fee on all money transfers.

Innovative Mobile Payment Apps is providing consumers with new ways to exchange money – free too.

Always check out the introductory offer for online money transfers The process is very simple. You can log in from the comfort of your office or home, and complete the transaction with some added security checks.

Everyone has the same questions :

  • How to get the best currency exchange rates in Indian Rupees ?
  • How to choose the best money transfer service for India ?

Markups are used by most remittance companies to make money in addition to the standard fees charged.

What are the Indian money transfer options you have ??

Indian RupeesThe rise of mobile banking and smart phones allows you transfer money all over the world.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and it’s important to make sure you’re not breaking any laws or falling foul of any government agencies when you send money overseas.

You have multiple payment options when you transfer money to India with your debit / credit card or directly from your bank account, via Apple Pay, or with cash at an agent location.

Other then depositing in bank accounts, Some of them courier a locally payable demand draft in the Indian Rupee amount to the beneficiary, or you have option of picking up cash at agent locations and you you get alerted when funds have been delivered.

It is important to understand that each financial institution or banking organizations or the Post Office will set their own daily rate of exchange based upon a market rate.

Best Exchange Rates

Some banks or money transfer companies have better rates than others, so monitor their published rates before choosing the best money transfer provider. Most companies let you check Indian rupee exchange rates in an instant.

Credit Card

Banks and other fund transfer companies offering low fees or no commissions often hide their true costs with poor exchange rates. They might even advertise “no fees”, but instead adjust their exchange rate to make up the difference.

Transferring Money : Get Safe Online

Every year millions of dollars are lost to money transfer scams. Con artists try to take advantage of victims by convincing them to wire money to a stranger.

Money transfer scams take on many shapes and forms. What’s worse, fraudster’s are continuously learning new tricks and techniques to keep one step ahead of you. It can be very difficult to know when a specific situation is in fact a scam. That’s why it’s very important to stay one step ahead of tricky scammers.

Keep your money safe from money transfer scams

Send MoneyWhatever the pitch, most companies goal is to get your money; money transfer services comes with lot of hidden fees, dubious exchange rate and more.

The faster you need it there, the more you will pay.

Many banks and money transfer companies offer you little or no pricing detail. Banks and other fund transfer companies offering low fees or no commissions often hide their true costs with poor exchange rates.

Compare Money Transfer Services

ICICI, Western Union, MoneyGram, Remit2India (Times Of Money), Zoom, WorldRemit, Remitly, TransFast, InstaRemand more.

Cheap ways to send money overseas

When you need to transfer funds internationally to a friend or family member, look for one of the many ways to send money for free.

You’ll likely pay lower costs and get faster transfer by using person-to-person services like Square Cash, Venmo, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, Popmoney, PayPal, Facebook Messenger, Google Wallet and Dwolla.

International Money Transfer Options

You can send an international money transfer in person, by phone, website or mobile.

Everyone thinks that the convenience of your local bank is your best option. While local banks offer secure wire transfers around the world, their services don’t come cheap. Big Banks generally offer weaker exchange rates, higher fees and fewer options to send and receive cash when compared with a money transfer service.

If you are an Non Resident Indian [ NRI ] staying overseas and wish to send money to India, there’s many options available today. Whether you wish to send money to your family in India or to buy a property, you can find easy and affordable solutions. That’s not all, you can expect great exchange rates on every transaction of yours .You can also choose from multiple sending options that include Online transfers, wire transfers or guaranteed rate transfers offered by few online money transfer companies.

Payment Methods

Payment methods vary by company but could include :

  • credit or debit card
  • bank account
  • cash
  • mobile wallet

Money Transfer companies can deliver money to a foreign bank account or cash pickup location in India.

In some countries, you also can have money added to a mobile phone balance.

Best Exchange Rates

Some money remittance companies use midmarket rates, the same cheap rates that big banks use to exchange money among themselves.Indian

No running around for you or your family, right from your computer or smart phone to their doorstep! also most companies allow you to send a free personal message, track the status of your remittance online and get alerts of confirmation of delivery.

Top Indian Banks

HDFC Bank, SBI State Bank Of India, Axis Bank, Citibank, Federal bank, Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Central Bank of India, Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab & Sind Bank, Punjab National Bank, Syndicate Bank, Catholic Syrian bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, Vijaya Bank, Bharat Cooperative Bank, Saraswat Bank.

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