Send Money from Singapore to India: A Money Transfer Guide

Transferring money internationally from Singapore to India has become a straightforward process thanks to advancements in digital technology and financial services. Whether you’re sending money to family, managing property expenses, or making investments, it’s important to understand the nuances of the process, including the use of Singaporean Dollars (SGD) and Indian Rupees (INR).

Many money transfer apps that enable transfers from Singapore to India provide a starter rate for new users. This introductory offer often includes waived fees on your first transfer, making it an economical choice for those sending money abroad for the first time.

How to Send Money from Singapore to India?

Sending money from Singapore to India can be done through various channels including banks, digital payment platforms, and exchange houses. Most providers require you to create an account, verify your identity, enter the recipient’s details, and specify the amount in SGD you wish to send. The amount is then converted into INR and transferred to the recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet.

How Much Money Can Be Transferred?

The amount of money that can be transferred from Singapore to India can vary significantly depending on the service provider. Generally, digital platforms might have limits per transaction which can be increased with additional verification. Banks might allow larger transfers but could be subject to regulatory checks.

Tax Implications

When transferring money to India from Singapore, you generally do not need to pay taxes in Singapore. However, it is crucial to consider the tax implications in India. Large transfers might attract scrutiny under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) in India, and it’s advisable to consult with a tax professional.

Best Money Transfer Apps

Several apps and platforms facilitate easy transfers from Singapore to India, such as:

  • Wise: Known for low fees and real exchange rates.
  • InstaReM: Offers competitive rates and quick transfer times.
  • Western Union: Well-established with options for both online and in-person transfers.
  • PayPal/Xoom: Widely used for small and medium-sized transfers.

Transfer Time

The time it takes to transfer money can range from a few minutes to several business days. This duration depends on the transfer method chosen. Digital platforms like Wise or InstaReM can transfer within one day, while traditional banks may take longer.

Best Exchange Rates

To get the best exchange rates, compare the rates offered by various banks and digital platforms. Exchange rates fluctuate, so using a service that allows you to lock in a rate or set up rate alerts can be beneficial.

Exchange Houses

Several exchange houses operate between Singapore and India, facilitating currency exchange and transfers. These include:

  • Mustafa Foreign Exchange
  • RHB-Bank
  • DBS-Bank: Offers competitive rates and efficient service for larger amounts.

Tips to Get the Best Rates

  • Compare Rates: Use online comparison tools to find the best rates.
  • Transfer Large Amounts: Larger transfers often get better rates.
  • Watch for Fees: Low exchange rates can sometimes be offset by high fees.
  • Timing: Keep an eye on currency fluctuations to choose an optimal time to transfer.

By understanding these aspects, you can efficiently manage your money transfers from Singapore to India, ensuring you get the best rates and that your funds arrive safely and in a timely manner.

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