Cash Pickup
Send money to cash pickup locations and banks throughout India

Experience both fixed and variable fees combined with competitive exchange rates for your money transfers. Benefit from quick and secure transactions, complemented by convenient nationwide cash pickup options. This money transfer service enables seamless transactions to all Indian bank accounts and debit cards. For added convenience, manage your transfers on the go with our free iOS and Android app, ensuring a reliable and efficient solution for your financial needs when sending money to India.

Today, we’re exploring the most affordable ways to send money to India with cash pickup options. Whether you’re supporting family, paying for services, or managing investments, reducing transfer costs is crucial. Thanks to user-friendly apps, many wire transfer companies provide safe and efficient solutions for wiring money to India.

Let’s explore the top services that combine affordability with reliability, ensuring your money reaches its destination without breaking the bank.

Understanding Cash Pickup Services

Cash pickup allows the recipient to collect money in cash from a local agent or branch in India. This method is particularly useful for those who may not have easy access to bank accounts or prefer immediate cash access. Here’s what to look for in a cash pickup service:

Low Transfer Fees: The lower the fees, the more money you can send.
Competitive Exchange Rates: Services that offer rates close to the mid-market rate can significantly reduce the cost of sending money.
Speed of Transfer: Some services offer faster transfers, though this may affect the cost.
Network Reach: Choose services with pickup locations convenient for your recipient.

Top Services for Cheap Cash Pickups to India

Western Union
Why It’s Great: Western Union has a massive network of locations across India, making it highly accessible for recipients. While not always the cheapest, they occasionally offer promotional rates or lower fees for certain transfer amounts.

Why It’s Great: Similar to Western Union, MoneyGram offers extensive reach with competitive fees. Be sure to check for promotions, as MoneyGram often reduces fees for new customers or certain transfer corridors.

Why It’s Great: Known for lower fees and good exchange rates, WorldRemit also allows for quick cash pickups at various locations. They often charge lower fees than some larger competitors.

Why It’s Great: Remitly provides a clear distinction between economy (cheaper but slower) and express (more expensive but faster) services, giving you control over the cost and speed of your transfer.

Xoom (a PayPal service)
Why It’s Great: Xoom offers a strong balance of speed and cost, with competitive fees and a user-friendly interface. Their network in India is expansive, ensuring easy access to cash for recipients.

Tips for Saving on Cash Pickup Transfers

Compare Before You Send: Always check current rates and fees across multiple services to find the best deal.
Use Promotions: Take advantage of first-time user offers or special promotions to reduce costs.
Plan Ahead: If possible, opt for slower transfer options which often come with lower fees.

Sending money to India for cash pickup doesn’t have to be expensive. By choosing the right service and taking advantage of promotions and lower-cost options, you can ensure that more of your money makes it to its intended destination. Remember, the key is to balance cost, convenience, and speed to find the best service for your specific needs.

Keep this guide handy for your next transfer, and make sure to check back for any updates on rates and fees that could benefit you and your loved ones in India. Safe sending!


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