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Send money to India online. Send directly to any bank account in India including NRE & NRO accounts! Sending money to your parents and relatives today is as easy as shopping online. Many financial and banking organizations are particularly specializing on this type of service and you get Locked-in exchange rates. 

Check out the introductory offer for online money transfers The process is very simple. You can log in from the comfort of your office or home, and complete the transaction with some added security checks.

Select the country from which you wish to send money to India

The money is delivered directly to the door of your beneficiary via a locally payable Demand Draft or withdraw using a ATM or it is directly credited into the account in India. Check out other online options to send money to India. Remit to india : Send money directly to a bank account in India for free or a low fee. Money Transfer to India online and pay with a bank account. Safe, convenient online money transfers with ZERO fees. Easy & quick way to send money to India from across the globe.

Most of the services allows you to use your debit account or bank account to send money to India. Some of them courier a locally payable Demand Draft for the Indian Rupee amount to the beneficiary, and you receive an e-mail confirmation from them after the funds have been delivered.

No running around for you or your family - right from your desktop to their doorstep! also some companies allow you to send a free personal message, track the status of your remittance online and get a confirmation of delivery.

It is important to understand that each financial institution or banking organizations or the Post Office will set their own daily rate of exchange based upon a market rate. Some banks have better rates than others, so monitor their published rates before choosing your service provider.

Banks and other fund transfer companies offering low fees or no commissions often hide their true costs with poor exchange rates. They might even advertise "no fees", but instead adjust their exchange rate to make up the difference.

Easy way to send money to India and money transfer services to the NRI community through savings account, NRE Accounts, Fixed Deposits, FCNR deposits

Send money to bank accounts in India including ICICI, Punjab National Bank, HDFC, SBI, Axis Bank, Citibank and many more

Fast & Easy Money Transfer To India with NRI AccountsRemittance has never been easier. With the NRI Account(RCA), you actually share your account with your loved ones in India. It's faster* (how about instantaneous?), safer, more reliable.

Secured and one of the safest ways to send your money to India from US, UK and Middle East countries

Online options to send money to India
From your bank account to their bank account.
From your debit or credit card to their bank account.
From your bank account to a Local location.
From your debit or credit card to a Local India location.

Secure online money transfer service for NRIs to send money to India from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, U.A.E., Hong Kong, Germany, Spain & other Euro Countries.

If you are an Non Resident Indian [ NRI ] staying overseas and wish to send money to India, there's many options available today. Whether you wish to send money to your family in India or to buy a property, you can find easy and affordable solutions. That's not all, you can expect great exchange rates on every transaction of yours .You can also choose from multiple sending options that include Online transfers, wire transfers or guaranteed rate transfers offered by few online money transfer companies.

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