International Money Transfer

Best Rated Companies for Global Money Transfers

As we dive into the world of international money transfers, it’s time to shake off the old belief that banks are your only option for sending money abroad. With a slew of online transfer companies claiming to be the cheapest, most convenient, or easiest to use, it’s essential to have a clear guide to navigate through these options.

International money transfer is crucial for global commerce, supporting expatriates, immigrants, and businesses by facilitating payments in different currencies. With technological advancements, transferring money internationally has become faster, cheaper, and more secure. Traditional banks, once the primary channels for such transfers, now compete with specialized online platforms that offer lower fees, better exchange rates, and user-friendly interfaces. These platforms leverage digital technology to provide real-time tracking and diverse delivery options, making international transactions more accessible and convenient for users worldwide.

I’m here to help you understand the best deals from top international money transfer companies. Let’s break down what each company offers so you can make informed decisions without the hassle.


Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise is a heavyweight in the money transfer arena, known for its transparency and low fees. Wise uses the real exchange rate, the same one you find on Google, and adds a small, upfront fee. Wise is ideal for those who appreciate knowing exactly how much their transfers will cost, without any hidden surprises.


Remitly focuses on providing fast and affordable transfers to over 50 countries. It offers different delivery options, including express service that can transfer funds within minutes. With its straightforward pricing structure and discounts on first transfers, Remitly appeals to first-time users looking for a reliable service.


A newer player, Global66 offers competitive rates and fees with a promise of transparency. It allows users to send money to a broad network of countries and prides itself on easy online account setup and the convenience of mobile app management. Global66 is perfect for tech-savvy users who manage transactions on the go.


Known for catering to the online betting and gaming community, Skrill also offers international money transfer services. It provides instant transfers to various countries with competitive fees and exchange rates. Skrill is particularly useful for users who want to manage both online payments and international transfers through one platform.


CurrencyFair stands out with its unique marketplace model, allowing users to match with others to exchange currencies at agreed-upon rates, potentially beating the market rates. This peer-to-peer mechanism can lead to significant savings, especially on large transfers.

Western Union

Western Union is a stalwart in the money transfer industry, offering global services for over 150 years. Known for its vast network, it allows users to send money to almost anywhere in the world through various channels, including online, mobile app, and physical locations, ensuring accessibility and convenience.


Revolut offers a broad array of banking services along with its money transfer feature. It allows currency exchange at real rates with no fee on weekdays, and its multi-currency accounts enable users to hold and exchange multiple currencies, making it a strong option for frequent travelers.


MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services. It allows individuals to send and receive money worldwide, offering services through a vast network of agents and online platforms. MoneyGram is known for its quick, reliable, and convenient financial transactions, catering to millions globally.


TransferGo attracts users with its promise of fast transfers and low fees. It provides options for same-day transfers and even near-instant transactions in certain cases. Ideal for those needing quick, cost-effective international money transfers.


Instarem offers competitive exchange rates and lower fees on a range of currencies, making it an attractive choice for sending money to Asia and other emerging markets. It’s known for its straightforward digital platform and rewards program, which adds extra value to frequent users.

XE Money Transfer

XE is renowned for providing comprehensive currency exchange services and detailed market analysis. Its money transfer service is highly trusted, offering no transfer fees and competitive rates, particularly suitable for businesses and individuals involved in larger transactions.


WorldRemit is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and low-cost transfers. It provides diverse delivery options like bank deposit, cash pickup, and mobile credit. This variety makes it a favored choice for sending smaller amounts.

Small World

Small World offers specialized services for specific regional markets, with a strong presence in Latin America and Africa. It provides flexible payment and delivery options, including cash pickup, which makes it ideal for those sending money to less accessible areas.


PaySend revolutionizes traditional transfers by allowing users to send money directly to bank cards. With its flat fees and real-time processing, PaySend is designed for users who value simplicity and speed in their transactions.


OFX is great for those looking to transfer large sums internationally, as it offers no maximum limit on transfers. With competitive rates and 24/7 support, OFX is tailored for more significant business or personal finance transactions.


Halo Financial specializes in providing tailored solutions for business transactions and property purchases abroad. It offers dedicated currency consultants and competitive exchange rates, which are particularly beneficial for detailed, high-value transactions.

Atlantic Money

Atlantic Money is a newcomer promising a flat fee for transfers, potentially disrupting traditional pricing models. Its appeal lies in the simplicity of its fee structure and the promise of no hidden costs, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious users.

That wraps up our tour of the top international money transfer companies! Whether you’re sending money to loved ones, managing business transactions, or funding international adventures, these companies provide a range of options to suit various needs. Keep checking back for updates and more detailed insights on each provider. Here’s to making your money move as effortlessly as

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